Managing Scheduled Lessons Tutorial

Learn how to cancel/attend/complete the scheduled lessons on TutorPage platform

1. Scheduled Lesson

Click My Lessons >Upcoming Lessons, and you will find a list of scheduled lessons displayed at your local time.

2. Upload Teaching Material

Click Upload Teaching Material. The student can see the teaching material available for this class, and he can download it from his side.

3. Attend Lesson

There are two different ways to attend lessons.

1. If this lesson was selected to use an integrated classroom, you can directly enter the classroom from TutorPage. The system will wake up the Classroom App on your device for the classroom. Below is an example of the integrated classroom on Zoom.

2. Suppose you choose an external classroom tool for these lessons, not an integrated classroom. Both user account IDs of you and your student will be displayed to each other.

You can conduct lessons outside of TutorPage, and TutorPage will play a role in the class as recording and tracking lesson process.

4. Cancel Lesson

If you cancel a lesson before the lesson starts, this lesson will be returned to the student account's lesson balances.

Note: The lesson credits will be deducted by default when students are absent. Students can claim the lessons on their accounts if the lesson credits should be returned to them. And then, you can still select whether to return or not.

5. Complete Lesson

If there is no report of a problem between you and your student 72 hours after the lesson finished time, the lesson will be recorded as successfully completed. And your student's lesson credit will be marked as a confirmed expenditure with non-refundable.

Click Complete & Leave Feedback to leave a student comment about the evaluation of the student’s class performance. Students can check this record. It is optional if you want to use this feature or not.