Student Login Access

Enhance your tutoring business brand further by allowing your clients to log in to their TutorPage account from the login page on a customized domain address or a website you created on TutorPage.

About the Student Login Access Feature

This add-on/feature allows you and your clients(students) to log in through your website and other multiple entries, such as the TutorPage mobile app, your customized domain address, and the TutorPage student login site.

    • Your students will have their student accounts and portal for managing their lessons and scheduling.
    • Students can log in/sign up on a unique domain address created by you if you want them to land and visit your customized domain address only.
    • Students can log in on a TutorPage mobile App.

    Log in on your website.

    You and your clients (students) can log in to a personal account. Students can sign up for a student account directly from your TutorPage teacher website. (You can create a website by using TutorPage website builder). They need to remember your website’s domain address or add it to their browser as a favorite website so they can log in again.

      Login on a customized domain address.

      You will create a customized domain website address on TutorPage from which your clients (students) can log in to their accounts or sign up for a student account. Even if you have not created a website, the TutorPage system will generate a student sign-up/login page that your students can visit directly.

        Login on TutorPage Student site

        Students are able to log in from the student site address.

        After logging in to their student accounts, they can find their private teachers. 

          Login on TutorPage Mobile App

          Students don’t need to remember any address. They just need to download the TutorPage Mobile app, and they can find their teachers after logging on to the app.