Teacher Easily Mange Availability

Teachers can manage availability from personal TutorPage accounts. You can always set your availability and check your class schedule in Calendar. The times you see on calendar are always adjusted based on your own time zone.

    Student Easy To Find Teacher Availability

    View teacher availability on the calendar to quickly find openings. Teachers can manage their availability from their personal TutorPage accounts, so their availability is always up-to-date.

      Quick and Easy Scheduling

      Students are allowed to schedule teacher lessons from two places quickly


      Place 1. Direct scheduling from Teacher Website

      Allow students to book lessons with teachers directly from your website based on your teachers' availability. Booking notifications are sent to the client and teacher, and the lessons are scheduled on your calendar.


      Place 2. Direct scheduling from Student account. (Quick Booking)

      Students can book lessons with teachers directly from their student account's quick booking. After logging in to their student account on TutorPage, they can see the teacher booking option on the home page of the student dashboard. Click Quick Booking and are directed to schedule lessons.

        Join Booked Classes

        Students can join the booked lesson from Scheduled Classes after the lesson is ready to start. Students can easily enter the classroom from TutorPage. Enter the classroom automatically from one of the chosen integrated classroom tools, such as Zoom or Skype.

        If your preferred classroom tools have not been integrated into TutorPage yet, they will be showcased as external classroom options. Students can still view your classroom account details and add your ID for classes, such as Classin, Wechat, etc.

          Up-To-Date Records

          Details Records

          Track detailed records for each lesson, including

          • Attendance status.
          • Cancellation.
          • Student Lesson Balance Deduction.
          • Subject.
          • Lesson note (Student After-Class feedback).
          • Student Review.
          As a result, the flexible and multiple views of the lesson detail record allow teachers/students to manage their lessons easily.

          Be On The Same Page

          Personal Calendars/Scheduling list

          Give teachers, parents, and students easy online access to their personal calendars.

          Scheduling changes are available instantly in all accounts, so everyone will always be up-to-date.

            Stay Organized

            Lesson Request and Booked Lessons Reminder

            Reduce last-minute cancellations and maintain open communication with your customers with schedule confirmation and lesson reminders.

              Global Time Zone Support

              Do you offer online tutoring with students in different time zone? Put an end to confusion about lesson times!

              Our User Time Zone Add-On feature simplifies scheduling across time zone by displaying lessons in each user’s local time.