Student Portal Tutorial

This tutorial shows how Student Dashboard works.

1. How to get a student account?

Three ways

1. Teacher creates one.

2. Student signs up on teacher’s website.

3. Scan QR code/add teacher as a friend.

2. Student dashboard
3. Book lessons
4. Attend lessons

1.Integrated live classroom tools

The integrated live classroom tool is the classroom tool that has already connected with TutorPage. Students can automatically enter the classroom with one click from TutorPage dashboard. More integrated tools are coming soon.

2. External classroom tools

Use an external classroom tool in TutorPage and have classes outside of TutorPage, instead of entering the classroom from the TutorPage dashboard. If a student selects an external classroom tool, he can find the teacher’s external classroom tool's account ID and meet the teacher there at the scheduled lesson time.

5. Cancel lessons
6. Report a lesson
7. Check lesson feedback