Account Settings Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll cover how to set your account settings. Your account settings control many of the basic features and defaults for your account, and this should be the first step you complete in setting up your account before you invite students and schedule lessons.

How to get started?

General Account Settings


Communication tools

Classroom tools

Optional Features

Creating Teacher Website

Create a course

1. Account Settings
2. General

General setting is the basic setting of your account, and the information will be displayed to your students.

Time Zone setting: This is to set your current local time zone, which will help you manage your availability on Calendar or scheduled lessons. The system can automatically define and showcase the time based on your local time and calculate the time differences between you and your students.

Student Login Page URL Setting: There is a unique login page available for your business, and this is the address where you can invite your student to sign up for an account or log in to their existing student account. You can edit the access website address, which is unique and for your business only.

3. Communication Tools

Communications Tools is where to set up your available contact methods. These communication tools will be displayed to your students who are connected with you or shown somewhere when new students wish to contact you, such as your Teacher Website (If you create a Teacher Website on TutorPage). Click Add another communication tool to find more communication tools.

4. Classroom Tools (Set available tools for having classes with students)

The classroom tools you set here will be your available classroom tool options. When students book a lesson, they will see these options and have to select one as the classroom tool they wish to use for having classes.

1.Integrated live classroom tools

  • The integrated live classroom tool is the classroom tool that has already connected with TutorPage. Once you set up an integrated live classroom tool, such as Zoom, you and your students can automatically enter the classroom with one click from TutorPage dashboard. More integrated tools are coming soon.

2. External classroom tools

  • If you don’t have zoom or if your preferred teaching tool is integrated into TutorPage, you can still set it as an external classroom tool in TutorPage and have classes outside of TutorPage, instead of entering the classroom from the TutorPage dashboard. When students book your classes, they can select one of the external classroom tools you offer. And the students also can find your external classroom tool's account ID and meet you there at the scheduled lesson time.

3.Default classroom tool

The default classroom you set will be displayed as the first recommended classroom tool to your students.

  • After the above settings, you are free to start inviting current students to register a student account and connect with you, or you can add a student and create a student account for him.
5. Optional

The optional settings are not mandatory and will not affect the following steps of scheduling lessons with your current students.

Creating Teacher Website

Create a course

  • If you want to specify the course name showcased on your teacher's website or the lessons assigned to your current students, you can set up a course. However, if you don't want to give a course name for your current student's lessons, you can still use the Default Course set in the system. You can ignore this part if you don’t usually name a course or a product you are assigned to your students
  • Find out more about Create a course