Building Website Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to build a teacher website by using TutorPage website builder.

The teacher website is your business page. You can sell your lessons or showcase your introduction to current and new students. Students can sign up and log in on this page. And the website address (domain name) is customized by you, and it's unique.

When you enable Teacher Website (Personalized Content Page), the Student Login Page will be disabled. So that once one landing page is on and another landing page is off, but access website address remains the same.
Find out the differences between Teacher Website (Personalized Content Page) and Student Login Page.

1. Set up or edit your website address(domain name)
2. Create your profile and create personalized content for your website

On these pages you can enter information that will make up the different sections of your website content. These will all be gathered together on your website page later.

Click Profile Page/ Education Page to edit different sections of your website.

3. View website

1. View your website as how it looks like. And you can edit the profile content anytime later.

2. Share your website link with the public or your current students.