Adding Students Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to add a new student account and invite the student to sign up for a student account from you.

There is more than one method on TutorPage for students to have a student account and connect with your teacher account.

1. Create a student account for a student and share an invitation link with the student to activate a student account.

2. Student can sign up for a student account from the unique website address (domain name) of your business.

3. Student can register a student account on and add you as their teacher by scanning your QR code or searching your registered email address to find you.

4. Student can register on your Teacher Website

Method 1. Invite a student and create a student account

Step 1. Add a student

Step 2. Enter a nick name for the student

Step 3. Add lessons to the student

Step 4. Share the invitation link with the student

Step 5. Waiting for the student to confirm and activate an account

Step 6. Student receives the link and clicks it to activate a student account.

Following are the steps as a student after receiving a link.

Step 1. Receive the copied content with a link from the teacher

Step 2. Activate a student account and receive lessons from the teacher

Student will click the link and then be guided to confirm the student account. After that, he will receive the lessons you assigned for him and then start to schedule lessons from your calendar.

Method 2 . Student signs up for a student account from your business's unique website address (domain name).

Step 1. Edit and create your unique website address (domain name) for your business

Step 2. Student signs up or logs in on a login page that the domain address provided by you.

Note: If your student already has a student account, he can always log in on this page.

Step 3. Student connected

You will find your newly registered students on Add/Manage students after they register successfully.

Method 3. Student adds a teacher to the teacher list

Student can scan the QR code provided by teacher. He will be guided to sign up for a student account and get connected with you automatically.

Step 1. Find your QR code

Step 2. Student can scan the QR code from mobile devices and finish the rest of the process

Method 4. Student registers on your Teacher Website

For more details about how to build a website. Find out here

Step 1. Student visits your teacher website

Step 2. Teacher noticed a newly registered user and made further arrangements