Add/Manage Students

About the Add/Manage Students

You can add/invite your existing/new clients(students) to your TutorPage account, and students can quickly sign up for a TutorPage student account. This feature allows you fast to connect yourself with your existing/new students. Once a new student adds you or signs up from your website, you will receive a notification. You can also add lessons or monitor students' lesson balances from your teacher account.

There are four different ways you can add/connect students.

    Students sign up on your Website Page

    Students can visit your Teacher Website Page to sign up for student accounts and connect with you to purchase courses.

      Invite your existing /new clients(students) manually

      You can create a student account that is inactivated and add lessons to this account on your teacher account. 

      Then you can share this inactivated student account’s invitation link with this target student. After he/she clicks the link and signs up through the link, this student account will be activated. 

      If the student activates the student account and logs in, your student will receive the lessons you added. And you will receive a notification that the student is activated after you log into your teacher account. 

        Student add and connect teacher by the teacher's TutorPage ID and QR code

        When you set up your TutorPage account, the TutorPage system will generate a unique ID and QR code for your account. 

        The QR code is displayed on the poster on your marketing tools section on TutorPage dashboard and your Teacher Website Page (if you have created a website on TutorPage).

        The TutorPage ID is displayed on your Teacher Website Page (if you have created a website on TutorPage) and Personal Profile.

        When your clients scan your Teacher QR code, they will be guided to sign up for a student account and automatically add you as a teacher after signing up successfully. 

          Student add teacher on Mobile App

          Students can download a TutorPage app. On the student app, they will see the options to add you in the top right corner.

          1、Scan the QR code to add the teacher
          2、Add teacher by searching ID 

          When students scan the teacher's QR code on TutorPage Mobile App or search for the Teacher's ID, they can find the teacher and click add to connect with the teacher. You will also receive a notification once the student adds you.