Lesson Cancellation/Absent Record

About Lesson Cancellation/Absent Record

The Lesson Cancellation/Absent record add-on/feature allows you and your clients to easily cancel upcoming lessons through their TutorPage accounts and record cancellation, absence, and attendance logs. 

  • Customers/Students can cancel booked lessons from their TutorPage accounts.
  • Specify a cancellation cut-off time base on TutorPage system policy (Business user can set their own policies). 
  • Easily add instructions to the cancellation page to provide customers with crucial information on how to operate the cancellation.
  • Keep all successful/failed attendance records of each lesson.

Regulation of Cancellation and definition of absent record (Business user can customize all regulations)

  • The deadline to turn on a specific time slot is 15 mins before it starts.
  • The deadline to accept a lesson booking request is 15 minus before it starts.
  • The latest time to cancel/reschedule a booked lesson is 15 mins before and after it starts.
  • The deadline for entering the classroom is 15 mins before and after it starts.
  • The latest time to report a problem/claim for a lesson is 72 hours after the class finished time, otherwise will be automatically considered a successfully completed lesson.