External Classroom options

About External Classroom Options feature

This add-on/feature allows you to have classes with your students when you and your existing/new students choose a classroom tool that has not yet integrated with TutorPage. For example, you usually conduct classes with your students on WhatsApp, but TutorPage has not yet integrated with WhatsApp. In this case, you choose WhatsApp as an external classroom tool, and the system will automatically showcase and exchange your Whatsapp ID and Student Whatsapp ID for the scheduled lesson. You can find the scheduled lesson details showing a WhatsApp ID that your student will use to have class. As a result, you can still use the rest management features of TutorPage and continue to conduct classes outside of TutorPage.


↓ External Classroom tools available on Tutorpage


  • Teacher sets what external classroom options are available for students to choose.
  • System will showcase your external classroom tool ID and the student's classroom tool ID to each other at the classroom entrance. (Easily allow you and your students to find each other's classroom tool ID for having class.)